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Python for Networkers – Why Blog?

I’m not one who likes to reinvent the wheel, nor am I much of a “blogger” as I don’t feel I have too many original ideas that aren’t already covered by others elsewhere. We all have Google at our disposal to find this stuff. These posts of mine regarding Python and its application to us in the networking space is more of a collection of things I’m documenting for myself. Trying to pull things together for future reference. I’ve been learning on my own for a couple of months now and trying to put things into actual use. There is...

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Python for Networkers – Learning Tips

My focus these days has been on learning python and how I can apply python scripting to automate various things on and within the network. So far this has included data gathering, parsing configs to find elements and creating new configs based on what has been found, as well as pushing config changes for standardization purposes. I have watched numerous training videos on Python and have tried reading books but inevitably I always find myself truly learning by finding others scripts and reading through them and trying to make them work for me. Some of the best ways to find...

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Notepad++ Advanced Search and Replace

Advanced Search: Open the find/replace dialog. At the bottom will be some Search mode options. Select “Extended (\n \r \t \0 \x…)” In either the Find what or the Replace with field entries, you can use the following escapes: \n – the Line Feed control character LF (ASCII 0x0A) \r – The Carriage Return control character CR (ASCII 0x0D) \t – the TAB control character (ASCII 0x09) \0 – the NUL control character (ASCII 0x00). Not supported in regular expressions – use \x00 instead. \\ – the backalash character (ASCII 0x05C) \b – the binary representation of a byte, made...

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Fixing Toyota Highlander AC/Heat Issue

My (ex)wife had a 2004 Toyota Highlander that was exhibiting some strange issues with the A/C and heat. In the summer while driving with the A/C on it would randomly just switch to heat and just as randomly switch back later. Sometimes bumps would trigger it or a sharp turn. Same would occur in the winter while using the heat. It would randomly switch to A/C and back. The problem was pretty annoying but I suspect fearing the possible cost to repair kept her from bringing it in for service. The issue seemed to get worse over time and with...