My name is Dane DeValcourt, living in Lafayette, LA. with my wife and two daughters. I am blessed to be able to work remotely on our main data center networks, the fact I get to do what I love without uprooting family and our lives is something I am thankful for every day.

The previous 15 years of my career experience has been in WAN/LAN routing and switching with an emphasis on Cisco products. However, over the last five years, my concentration has been within the various data center interconnect technologies, data center design, and the evolution of virtualization within the network space.

Currently spending a good deal of time working with various ways and technologies around automating as much of the network tasks that we can. Through Python, Ansible and myriad other technologies I’ve been to establish use cases and learn various ways we can improve the efficiency of the operational side.

Being able to orchestrate the real-time deployment of new apps, services and the corresponding network elements and configuration in response to things has me quite excited about the future of DevOps and NetOps. It’s another exciting time getting to see all these things come together.

Hoping to use this blog to share some code and issues / work-arounds at times in an effort to reinforce my own understanding but to help others along the way also.

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