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FirstStep – 1.0 – Using Python to Connect to Cisco Device

When I first started out wanting to learn Python I watched numerous online courses and videos related to basic python programming. Most just repeated all the same things and I struggled with understanding how things would apply to me in the networking world. I also struggled with the question, “What do you want to automate?”. This was oddly a major roadblock for me as I couldn’t somehow convince myself it was worth my time. Why would I spend days or weeks trying to write something to do a task I could knock out manually in an hour or so? Once...


First Steps: Avoid the religious wars!

Many in the networking world have either embraced the fact the tide is shifting in how we manage devices and data centers or have at the least seen the writing on the wall. The network is changing, period. What will the technologies or tools be that we ultimately shift too is yet to be determined? Don’t get caught up in the rhetoric and seemingly religious debate of it all.  Know it’s changing, know if you want to stay relevant that means you too must change. It’s my opinion that one of the first things you can do to help yourself...


First Steps: Python and Network Automation

I won’t get into any of the arguments about what constitutes “network automation.” For me and the purposes of some of the posts, it’s simply about learning Python and some of the libraries to help simplify information gathering and or device configuration. If you want to get started down this path, then your first course of action is to get familiar with “CiscoConfParse” and “Netmiko.” The first thing you have to deal with is connecting to your devices and issuing commands, that’s where Netmiko comes in. Then you will want to parse configurations to either extract details or to help...